Rules of Engagement: Making the Most of your Pre-Wedding Plans

August 22, 2018

If you are reading this, congratulations are in order! Finding the love of your life is an amazing blessing and planning a wedding will be a bonding experience that neither you nor your significant other will ever forget. Your engagement should be a time filled with love, laughter and lots of planning! As wonderful as this time may be, however, it is also filled with many questions and uncertainty. Just remember that the closer you get to your special day, the more stressful your lives will become. Be sure to give yourself a month or two to adjust as the reality of the planning process sinks in.


You will have many decisions to make as the idea of planning the perfect event becomes quite overwhelming. You will need to discuss and agree on finances, cake decorating, guest list, floral arrangements and everything in between. Here are some insightful tips to help make the planning process a bit easier to endure.

1. Have Fun Every Step of the Way

As cliché as this may sound, remember to have fun!  Many couples make the mistake of taking on too many tasks in too short a time when planning their wedding. In doing so, they create unnecessary stress that can lead to needless fights. Keeping the stress levels low will allow your love to grow. By taking a more relaxed approach, you will be able you to enjoy the process and to create good memories for years to come.

2. Don’t Be Shy About Asking for Help

Remember you are not alone. Try outsourcing simple tasks to friends and family members. Doing so will allow you to have more time to focus on yourself and your relationship. Delegating tasks with clear instructions and expectations will help you relax and will help those close to you feel like they are part of your special day.

Another option for added help is to hire a wedding planner. While this service can be expensive, it has the added benefit of connecting you to an industry professional. Whether or not to hire a wedding planner is a personal decision however. Make sure you agree that this route fits your combined objective.

3. Practice Teamwork as a Couple

It is critical for you and your significant other to make all your wedding decisions as a team.  Start by prioritizing the decisions in their order of importance. Agree as a team, for example, whether the venue in more important than the photographer or not. By making decisions together, your wedding day will reflect your decisions as a couple rather the ideas of only one of you.  This will be good practice for your life ahead together. The conflict resolutions process strengthens relationships. You get that added benefit for free!

4. Take Care of Yourself (You Deserve it!)

Finding time for yourself will become more difficult. This process has a way of transforming you from being an individual with autonomy into a ‘half of a couple’.  Fight this trend by being deliberate about taking time for yourself. Maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health during this time becomes even more important. Go to the gym or find a yoga class. If that’s not your thing, find a healthy activity that you like to do and do it alone. Clear your mind.  Breathe and take the time to make space around you. The planning process will still be there when you get back. Eat healthy, as well. The combination of eating healthy and getting exercise will reduce stress and keep you looking fit for your special day and after!

5. Keep Those Feet Warm

I often wonder how many engaged couples fear being left at the altar. This will not be the case with you however! This will be your big day. Yes, you will most likely be nervous. Keep remembering why you decided to marry this person in the first place. Remember that you are embarking on the journey of your lifetime with your best friend. The challenges ahead and all that life will send your way, you will endure with your best friend at you side.  What could possibly be better?

6. Put Each Other’s Interests Before Your Own

Planning a wedding is indeed a lot of work. It will be tempting to let the stress take over. Never give into it, however. Use the quality of your relationship as the litmus test for when the stress level is getting too high.  Unfortunately, the relationship is usually the first thing that suffers. Always stay calm and realize how insignificant these wedding decisions are compared to the importance of a good, healthy relationship. When mutual sacrifices are made to protect and preserve the relationship, your bond together will grow.  Above all else, remember that your wedding day will be the first day of the rest of your lives together. The fun is about to start! Enjoy the journey!


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